Janus Project

Case Study 1 : The Janus Project

Devastated by the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, the residents of Callignee, Traralgon South and LeRoy wanted a locally written theatrical production that commemorated this terrible event. After a community writing forum; script ideas and dialogue were developed into the “Janus Project” recognising the journey from the fires to a new beginning.

The performance took place at the Latrobe Little Theatre in February of 2012 and featured a local cast with a unique soundtrack and a final video montage featuring local identities paying respect to the resilience of the local community to move on from the tragedy.

The sold out event attracted wide acclaim and literally changed the lives of the participants.

Congratulations on a fantastic project. I think what you have done is incredibly powerful in reflecting some serious issues in such a touching and funny way. It has also illustrated the journey to newcomers – who thoroughly enjoyed every minute with lots of tears and lots of laughter. Other than that just a great night and you must be pumped at how the crowd was buzzing and hanging around after the show.
Bushfire Recovery Team Leader