About Us

Our philosophy comes from three central concepts; firstly that audiences like to be involved. We believe in engaging our audience with stories that are relevant, characters they recognise and situations they can be part of.

We also believe that everyone likes to play. We understand how to make everybody feel comfortable in participating in their own way.  It is always your event and it is our job to make you feel special.

Finally it has to be fun. Even if we are revealing a lesson or facilitating a discussion, “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Laughter, joy and the unexpected twist are essential ingredients in a successful program.

Beginning as “Artful Swan” Theatresports in 1989, the “Murder Company” was formed and has since provided over 4000 unique Murder Mysteries all over Australia and overseas. Developing “Wishbone Children’s Theatre”, we created unique interactive children’s shows whilst in recent years we have added other performances to the repertoire including the Great Games show, and Super Sleuths.

Today we remain a Creative Company, eager for new ideas and easy to deal with, we are problem solvers, not a problem makers. If you do not see something that exactly suits your needs, talk to us and chances are we can make it happen.

The Company is owned by the experienced team of Darren and Jill McCubbin who have had over 30 years in professional theatre with a string of acting, writing and directing credits to their name.

The Murder Company is managed by Peter and Donna Dowler from Adlib Entertainment. They partner with a variety of professional actors and organisations to make your event come alive.