Step One

Please contact us to find whether a host is available and confirm the cost.

We can create a mystery for you in under a week but would prefer at least a month in advance as we do like to send out character descriptions for each person before your mystery and involve you in selecting who does what.

Contact us on or 1800 258 336 or 0402 346 153 We do not normally require a deposit but do like to have an e-mail confirmation.

Step Two

Book a venue and organise your meal arrangements.

It is very important that you have a completely private room arranged so that everyone can see and hear everyone else. It can be a restaurant, a hall or a private house. The host usually stands in the middle of the room or at one end during the show and it is usually best to have the guests seated and not eating during these times. For larger groups the host may need to be raised on a small stage.

We can coordinate with your venue to ensure that we work with the kitchen properly. With over 20 years of mysteries in hundreds of locations we can make it happen but it is best if they understand what we are going to do so please let your venue know what you are planning. We have a list of recommended venues we can send to you if you wish.

Have your mystery around a meal or we can create a mystery over supper, spit roast or a cocktail party. Drinks are no problem. We can also create a mystery over lunch or during an afternoon conference session often with interactive outdoor clues that teams have to hunt for. You should usually allow 2 – 3 hours for the mystery to unfold.

If you are having a dinner event the host and any other actors will need to be included with a simple light meal. They will also need somewhere private to get changed and store their costumes – sorry the toilets will not do. We will bring a sound system if required and for larger nights can supply lighting and microphones.

Step Three

Select a theme, invite your guests and confirm your numbers. 

Once you have a good idea of the numbers that are attending (we do not want to send out a major character to someone and then find they cannot attend), confirm with us by e-mail the venue, time of start, numbers of males and female attending and any special requirements. Let us know whether you want us to provide simple costume accessories for all of your guests.

We will write the story and send to you your unique character details. Before the night each guest will receive a page of notes tailored to suit their level of involvement outlining who they will be playing, what secrets they know, gossip to spread about and how they might like to dress to make the night fun. Don’t worry, nothing is taken seriously and our comic detective makes sure that everyone has a great time when it is their time to speak. These sheets are not “scripts” but ideas of what they might like to say and do, however it is really up to them. We do not tell your guests or the organiser who is the murderer or a victim before the night begins so as to keep the surprise going.

We will normally pass to you three types of characters. Major Suspects that are questioned by our comic detective and therefore have a bit to do on the night, Witnesses that will also be questioned but are not crucial to the story and the remainder that can spread gossip and try to figure out “whodunnit”. Warning: on a Mystery “Whodunit” anything can happen and usually does. Shrinking violets with spectator’s parts sometimes turn into key suspects as people become totally involved in the night and the wine flows. However we do not put people on the spot if they are not comfortable with this.

It is best if this information is given out beforehand and we recommend you contact us for the characters to be sent as soon as you have confirmed the numbers and at least one week before the function. We prefer to get characters to people well before they attend, however we can do functions where your guests receive their characters sheets on the day and we can hire costume accessories to assist them to get into the fun spirit of the mystery. We do recommend that they have a chance to read the information and be comfortable with what they are about to attend. Remember the night is about them.

Our nights are as adult as you like to make them and are not designed to offend anyone. We can and do create nights for younger people however we recommend 14 years and up. Our “Super Sleuth” program can look after younger people.

Step Four

The Mystery Night.

The Murder Company takes care of the entertainment arriving at least 30 minutes before the guests to set up and make sure the seating arrangements work. We meet the guests at the door in character and hand them a name tag. We encourage everyone to mingle, spread their gossip and find out about the other characters.

The night is usually divided into three 30-40 minute sets where our detective questions each of the suspects under the watchful eye of everyone else. Improvisation is the name of the game and the suspects could and do say anything to get themselves off the hook.

Appropriate music is played during the breaks while the guests are eating or moving about spreading their gossip.

At the end every person is given the opportunity to ask questions , then we ask them to write down who they think done it. Some of these theories are read out and finally we ask, “will tonight’s murderer please stand up”. (It is always one of your guests). The murderer is revealed to much applause. Simple prizes are given to those people who dress up, guess the murderer and play their character in an outrageous way.

We continue to provide music for approximately 30 minutes after the mystery concludes. Should you need more music please let us know as we can provide a sound system for dancing after the mystery has concluded for an additional charge.

Suggested Timing

We believe that enjoying the meal and the company of your guests is as important as the mystery. We are very flexible and these times are only suggested however a break between each course for the mystery is highly recommended.

Over a three course meal:

  • 7.00pm  Guests arrive
  • 7.30pm  Guests are seated and entree is served
  • 8.00pm  First part of the mystery
  • 8.30pm  Main meal is served
  • 9.15pm  Second part of the mystery
  • 9.45pm  Dessert
  • 10.00pm  Wrap up and murderer is revealed
  • 10.30pm  Close

Over a supper:

  • 7.30pm  Guests arrive
  • 8.30pm  First part of the mystery
  • 9.00pm  Break
  • 9.15pm  Second part of the mystery
  • 9.45pm  Break
  • 10.00pm  Wrap up and murderer is revealed
  • 10.30pm  Close