Junior Super Sleuths

Super Sleuths

A junior mystery great for 8 – 13 year olds looking for something a bit different for that birthday or special occasion. Become a super sleuth and work together to solve the crime.

Every mystery lasts around 90 minutes and comes with a host and all materials. The children are very involved in solving the puzzles and stopping the criminals. There is no murder here, it’s all good clean fun.

A Case of My Face

The evil managing director of “My Face” social networking site, Poison Ivy and her assistant Professor Von Bitrott have released a computer virus to remove all traces of popular teen fiction from bookstores and libraries. These novels encourage free thinking and take young people away from being needlessly absorbed updating their “My Face” pages. The super sleuths are working together to capture the criminals, find their hideout and remove the computer virus before it can be activated.

Diamonds are for Eva

The time is 1935 and the participants are aspiring actors appearing as extras in the British Film, the 39 Steps. It is also revealed that a diamond necklace that was to be used in the filming has gone missing and they have to solve the clues and find the diamond otherwise the film will be bankrupt. The Sleuths become extras in a film and solve the crime.

Price from $330.