Each of our Murder Mystery themes have over 60 different individual characters to choose from with approximately 6 – 10 “major suspects” who are questioned by our detective in front of everyone, another 8 – 12 “witnesses” with something to say or do and the remainder with something smaller to add). We organise, change genders and cut down the characters to suit your group. We are flexible and realise some groups only want the major suspects and witness characters while others want everyone to have a role. You decide who does what based on how you think your guests would like to participate.

Each character is normally given a single sheet of paper containing character details to help you dress up, secrets if you are a witnesses or major suspect, gossip about other guests to spread about and sometimes an objective to reach during the night. These are not scripts to learn but simple one page fun instructions. Don’t worry, our Detective will always help you!

All of our themes can be easily altered for hens nights or all male groups, we can easily change the theme location or era and add that special character (“Uncle Bert loves singing Elvis songs and Cousin Brittney has always wanted to dress up like Lady Gaga”). We can also consider that special theme or a product launch for an additional charge.

 The Great Capital Caper

Travel to the sleazy underworld of Chicago of the 1930’s to find out who shot Vince “The Knife” Spagatelli. Could it have been something to do with his robbery of the Capital Bank or is the boss, Tyrone “The Shark” Grappa trying to keep control of the mob? Put on an old suit and a bad accent to become a gangster, gangster’s mole or a crooked politician and swing along to one of our most popular scenarios. (A great theme for those who want something a bit different but also like easy to find costumes.  Suits a large numbers of men but also popular with woman.)

The Will To Kill

Millionaire businessman and London identity, Sir Terence Laker, dies suddenly after announcing his engagement to his younger business manager and announcing he will be cutting his eccentric family out of his will. A very English scenario of feuding families, a disgruntled butler, a maid with a secret, jealousy and revenge. A classic “Agatha Christie” type whodunit for those who enjoy their mystery with a twist. (An unexpected whodunnit for those that don’t like dressing up too much.  Great for mystery lovers.)

The Haunted and the Hunted

Welcome to a séance for millionaire Hyram Fingerfield who returns from the dead to reveal why his body was found in the middle of a mystic pentagram on the night of the full moon. Who was meeting in a nearby field and why are the chickens going missing? A comic mystery of Satanists, vampires, witches and horror characters that will help exorcise some demons. (Ideal for Friday the 13th!)

Rendezvous with Death

Six mysterious partners have an amazing process for turning wine into petrol that they took from a German scientist 15 years ago and as the bodies start to pile up you have to discover who wants this secret enough to kill for it. Join a bikie gang, movie stars, millionaires, a cowboy and an assortment of easy to dress up characters for a fun and very popular mystery. (A modern easy to dress up thriller with lots of fun characters.  Our most popular scenario and easily adapted to any situation. We even have a hens night scenario and one for teenage “Super Sleuths”)

Santa Sleighing

Santa is missing and the elves are angry and Rudolph’s nose is unusually bright. Why is Frosty the Snowman driving a BMW and could it have something to do with a deal with millionaire retailer Kay Mart to have Christmas every month? Find out the real secrets behind this Christmas cheer and discover who is killing the true spirit of Christmas. (Great for Christmas Parties. A mystery that does not take itself very seriously!)

A Night at the Opera

Singer Vincent Domingo goes missing on the opening night of the fabulous “Melancholy Dowager” and when other cast members start dying it’s time to discover who wants to bring down the final curtain. Enjoy a glittering night at the theatre where the audience becomes suspects in a case of mysterious murder. It isn’t over until the fat lady sings! (For those that love a good mystery, extravagant dress and fun. Highly recommended.)

Dressed to Kill

Leading fashion designer “JR Brewing” has been murdered at the release of his “New Black” collection sending the catwalks into frenzy. Perhaps he finally pushed somebody too far? A comic mystery of big shoulder pads, big hair and big characters set in the outrageous eighties. Featuring a fashion parade, plenty of eighties music and a Teenage Ninja Turtle. Who killed “JR”. (Our popular eighties mystery that takes its inspiration from Zoolander!)

A Knight to Remember

Travel in time to the court of King Arthur, where Knights of the Round Table meet Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Where is the Holy Grail and who will be the next King of Camelot? A medieval mystery to find out who killed the king. (For those that like to dress in Medieval costumes.)

Carnage in Carnaby Street

Guru Krishna Bardwan spreads his message of peace, love and universal understanding to the cosmic love children of the Age of Aquarius but the Guru has enemies who would rather not give peace a chance. Join Hippies and conservatives in this easy dressing up scenario that celebrates the irreverent sixties. (A celebration of the sixties, a fun battle of conservatives versus hippies.)

That Sinking Feeling

A mystery set aboard the last night of the Titanic that combines historical fact with the popular movie. Who stole the Heart of the Ocean Diamond and killed the journalist, George Purcell? Why is the Titanic traveling so fast? A mystery that goes full steam ahead. (Fun mystery with characters from first to third class.)


Our fabulous fifties scenario. The “Rebels” and the “Stingrays” are at war following the death of the leader of the Stingrays, Bernie “The Shark” Scutgen at the “Just Rock Inn”. Put on your bobby socks and slick down your hair for a “Rock and Roll” night with a difference. (Great for those that loves the fifties. Easy dressing up.)

Not Staying Alive

Put on the flared pants, platform shoes and the ABBA records for our mystery set in a seventies disco. Manager Art Deco, has been mysteriously murdered and the fun is to “Stay Alive”. Featuring characters and music from the fabulous seventies. We even have a clue that everyone has to dance the Nutbush to reveal! (One of our most popular and fun themes with dressing up in glam seventies outfits. Highly recommended.)

Fallen Idol

Simon Bowell, the chief judge and producer of top rating talent show “ROCKstar” has been murdered in his locked top floor apartment. Become a judge, rockstar royalty or belt out a few tunes as a finalist in your own interactive reality television talent show.

Space to Kill

A comical mystery set in 2222AD. Captain James T. Burke of the Starship Enterprise lies dead in his stateroom and a mysterious Quark virus threatens to destroy the Universe. From Flash Gordon to Thunderbirds, a mystery featuring all your favourite science fiction characters. May the Force be with you. (Great for larger groups that appreciate science fiction references and are happy to dress up. NEW: A teenage “Super Sleuth” mystery involving Dr Who and some zombies)

Wild, Wild, West

Yeehar, the drinks are flowing at the Golden Age Saloon when Sheriff Frank McFloogle announces that the Ugly Face Gang have stolen the gold and continue to terrorise Dodge City. Grab your hat and put on your spurs as there are some varmints out there that need to be tickled with your shooting irons. A wild case in the even wilder west. (Lots of participation in this fun western theme.)

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirate Captain William Kidd has called a meeting of the Pirate fraternity including the French Pirates aboard the “Fasche Escargo” (the Angry Snail), the female pirates led by Mad Dora Morgan and the British Naval commander, Jack Aubrey, when somebody breaks the ancient Pirate code of the sea forbidding murder. Find out who made Captain Kidd walk his final plank! (A swashbuckling mystery of Pirates that suits a larger crowd looking for fun.)

Spring Racing Scandal

It is 1936 and the world prepares for conflict as we gather for the Spring Racing Carnival. Join with jockeys, owners, a future King of England and the odd horse to enjoy the fashions and the thrill of the race set in an atmosphere of German spies and deadly secrets.  Who is trying to steal the plans for the new airship “Crusader”? And why has the racing club allowed a clutch of new members?  The odds are that death is in the air! (Suits a larger audience with lots of participation.)

There’s No Business Like the Death Business

It is the 1950’s Academy Awards presentation with the Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Groucho Marx, John Wayne, Mae West, Carmen Miranda and more. When a new process is announced to add sound and colour to silent movies the studios may be happy to replace expensive modern stars but somebody does not want this new process to go ahead. Lights, camera.. murder! (A glamorous evening for those that remember the Golden Age of the movies.)

To Death do us Part

It’s your Hens night when we discover that the Groom has been kidnapped and not to be released until you call off the marriage. Uncovers some family skeletons in the closet, a mother in law with connections to organized crime, lost children and your mad “Auntie Gwenda” who has left her goats to ruin your special day. A comic mystery for those getting married. (Perfect for a hens night.)

Unhappily Ever After

It is the morning after the Royal Ball and Prince Charming is about to marry his Cinderella when the magic wand of the “Fairy Godmother” goes missing and endings are no longer happy. There is a wolf selling bacon products and an old lady who lives in a Gingerbread House carrying those suspicious looking kebabs. Join with all your favourite fairy tale characters as we discover who does not want your dreams to come true. (An interactive mystery with lots of games for everyone to participate in!)

Toga Parting

In the time of the Great Roman Empire, Julius Caesar has been stabbed and you are invited to discover who wanted “Big Julie” dead. Put on that old sheet and join in a toga party with a difference. Where Gladiator meets Life of Brian! (Better for larger groups that want to dress up in Roman style.)

Man of the Year

It is 1929 and you are attending the Gala dinner for Empire Metals “Man of the Year”. At a glittering ceremony, controversial Chairman of Empire Metals, Mr Clyde Palmerston, will announce this year’s winner.  Play the roles of famous people of the time like Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel,  Wallis Simpson,  Alexander Fleming, Leon Trotsky, Ramsay McDonald, Amelia Earhart and more in an involved Art Deco whodunit. (for those that like to think about their mysteries)

Murder on The High Seas

Travel to the seedy underworld of Jack the Ripper’s England and a melodramatic mystery of pirates and Blackbeards lost treasure map.