Horse Racing Game

Create your own race meeting, name your races (and your horses) and enjoy all the fun of a Horse Race including race booklets, betting with our “pretend” money, the thrill of the track with your guests as the jockeys, fashions on the field and more.

An interactive and entertaining horse race event for indoor or outdoor use. Available in Victoria only.

How it Works

Each punter is given a starting pot of $500 “dollars” to bet on each race. Each race features six “horses” selected from your guests. Two large dice are thrown, the first selects the horse that will be moving and the second dice selects the number of places it will move. The dice are thrown again and again until one “horse” makes it to the end of the track to be the winner. As the race progresses and horses move our comic host builds the excitement just like a real horse race.

During the night there are more races with different odds, quinella’s and “hurdles” to overcome as horses may land on problem squares containing such instructions as “move back 3 spaces”, horse racing trivia questions or a physical challenge! At the end of a possible six race program the leading punter is recognised and celebrated!

There can also be a prize for the winner of each race.

What we Supply

Large (10m x 4 m) track including fencing, dice and six “horses”. Pretend money, race books and a host/compere. A Day at the Races can easily be placed around a sit down meal or stand up finger food either indoors or outdoors, day or night. We do not normally supply prizes but can quote for this if required.

Price from $880.