Games Themes

Our Games & Trivia shows are a combination of 5 – 8 different fun games, normally each game takes about 15 minutes. Here is a selection of our most popular games.

General Games


A selection of general trivia questions such as “What colour is LaLa of the Teletubbies?” or “What is the chemical symbol for diamond?” where we like to finish with a “Who am I” question. We encourage you to add questions from your club, company or group. A trivia staple that gets everyone in the mood and finds out who in their team can be trusted!

Race around the World

You are given the name of the Country and you have to write down the capital city. The clock is ticking!

Family Feud

Based on the popular games show with interactive screen and the usual questions from our studio audience. A funny way to end the games show with the two leading teams battling it out for the ultimate prize.


You are given a statement such as “women blink more than men” and have to direct your team leader to say whether it is true or false.  You can see what the others are saying and decide whether you stay with the pack or risk going out on a limb?

Who wants to be a Millionaire

A multiple choice quiz where your entire team is in the hot seat. As the questions get harder you get points but when you get one wrong, all the rest are wrong. A high pressure game that can allow weaker teams to catch up.

Would I lie to you?

A great one for corporate groups looking for something a bit different.  Contestants tell a short story such as “I performed at the Music Bowl in front of a 1000 people” or “I met Ben Stiller in a coffee shop when he thought I was someone else” that might be true or false.  Tables get to ask questions and finally ask “Is it true or false”.  Just like the popular game show and a chance to discover something special about your work colleagues.

Music and Movies

Pick that tune

Can you name the song and the name of the artist from our varied selection of almost memorable songs?  It’s loud, fast and guaranteed to inject some energy into the night. We like to mix up the eras so that everyone can be an expert.

Find the next line

Done in a number of different fun ways, we present a popular song and ask you to “find the next line” by writing out the next five words in the song.  A chance to get some benefit out those late night karaoke visits. “If you think it’s easy doin’ one night stands, try playing…..”

Movie Quiz

A popular round of movie quotes played out on our big screen. Can you remember the name of the movie?

Singstar Battle competition

Using the Playstation “Singstar” we get members of different teams to battle it out in a fun karaoke competition. A great way to finish the night and we can leave the karaoke going for after the show is over.

Million Dollar riff

The guitar opening of Mark Knoflers “Money for Nothing” or the riff through “Eagle Rock” are two great examples and ask what song does that come from again? A round that is likely to go around in your head when you are trying to sleep.

Television themes

Would you remember that infamous “Baywatch” theme or can recognise the current theme from that version of CSI? We play some popular television themes and you have to guess where you have heard them before. A great quiz for those that like sitting on the couch!

So you think you can dance?

Our high energy dancing competition where each table puts up a competitor for our “mosh pit”. We tap those not giving it their all on the shoulder until our winning dancers are left to take the points back to their table.

Name the album Cover

Covers such as the Beatles “Abbey Road” and Nirvana  famous “Nevermind” floating baby are put onto the big screen. Can you guess the album cover? Always brings back some memories!

Guess the Football Club anthem?

A great game for a sporting club. Can you recognise the Fremantle Dockers “Ho Heave Ho” from the first few bars?

Popular Culture

Pick your face

We show pictures of celebrities, sports stars and people in the news on the big screen and you have to guess who they are?  We like to finish with “who is their partner” where it not the celebrity that is important but who they are dating. A great round for those addicted to women’s magazines.

Is it Art?

Sometimes what we think is art is pretty weird. We show pictures of real artworks, dead animals and paint accidents and you have to decide whether it was art or not?

Sports Multiple Choice

A special round for those addicted to the back pages of the paper. A selection of multiple choice sports questions to get the sports addicts bending their hand to their face and screaming “come on”.

Dead or Alive

We show pictures of celebrities and you have to decide if they are “Dead or Alive”. A game on the edge of good taste!


A creative fun round that gets everyone arguing. Given a letter your team is to write down one word for a statement that starts with that letter such as “a word starting with P that is an excuse for being late for work”. If your answer doesn’t make sense, you lose. If your answer matches with another team then you both lose… unless you can argue your way through the other teams!


To create a Games & Trivia event, pick the games you like from the list above or let us mix them up. You might also like to choose a theme to link the content of the games and give the teams names and maybe dress up to match that theme. Some popular themes are:

The Olympics or Commonwealth Games

Allocate each team to a country and theme the questions accordingly. From the opening lighting of the torch to the final medals on the dais your team must capture the Olympic spirit.

Mightly Music Trivia

Everyone loves music so let us put together a fun mix of music questions, songs and popular culture questions to lift the energy. You can give each table the name of a band or a musical era.

Beach Party

Get into the board shorts and let us add some very interactive games to the mix such as sandcastle making and a hula hoop competition. Put on the surf music and let the games commence. Great for around the pool to finish off a long day at the conference.

Of course you can suggest your own theme or games and let us put your night together the way you want it.